Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Most Perfect Halloween Book: Horrible Hauntings

Happy Halloween, everyone!! 

This year at ALA, while strolling past the Goosebottom Books booth, we discovered the Most Amazing Halloween Book Ever!  Yes, that is the official title that I bestow upon this one! :)  Horrible Hauntings is something so special.  Yes, it's a picture book, but one that I think readers of all ages will find creepy and amazing, especially those of us that love a good ghost story!  It's earned a special place on my haunted mantle: 

The book features several haunting legends like the Headless Horseman, Bloody Mary, Abraham Lincoln in the oval office,...and gives the historical background of each one.  My personal favorite is The Haunted Gallery:
Want to see why?
Horrible Hauntings is a really cool interactive experience!  You just scan the QR code in the front of the book, aim your device at the pages, and the ghosts literally jump off the pages at you!  Even on the cover, Bloody Mary glares out of the mirror at you even leaning out to follow you if you move.  It's quite creepy!  Augmented reality is such an incredibly cool technology to use in books and it's one that I hope they use more of in the future! Can you image---wildlife books, space books, dinosaur books??  

Be sure to check out Horrible Hauntings from Goosebottom books!

Have a safe and happy haunting day! :D