Thursday, October 18, 2012

Old Books, New Looks {5}

Time again for another round of Old Books, New Looks, where I feature the covers of books that have already been released and their redesigned paperback counterpart! :) Sometimes I like the new better, sometimes I like the old. Here's a few that I've come across lately:


Here's what I think:
Born Wicked:  NOOOOO! I ♥♥♥ the original cover! Sad to see this one changed to something so ordinary.
Catastrophic History of You and Me: I like the original.  I haven't read this so I'm not sure if the new cover fits the story better or what...but it just looks a little "90s music video" to me.
The Future of Us: Hm...not sure.  I like the pixelated look of the original.  And I think the UK cover has them both beat lol.
Unraveling Isobel:  I actually loved the original cover (purple!) and thought it fit the character really well, even if it didn't convey how creepy this story was.  The new one..well, it's sweet, but I think I've seen this stock photo (or variations of it, at least) a few too many times for it to stand out to me.

What do you think? Like the Oldies or the Newbies??


  1. Oh no, oh no - seeing the cover of BORN WICKED changed breaks my cover-loving heart a little bit. The original is soooo much prettier! Actually I prefer all of the originals to the new covers today. :(

  2. I actually really like the new Born Wicked cover, although I love the original too!

  3. Hmm, the new one from Born wicked is okay, but the older one is prettier.
    The catastropic.. the old one, definitely!
    The future of us, the new one.
    Unraveling Isobel, old one :p

  4. Born Wicked: The original is pretty but this one is much more haunting :)
    Catastrophic History of You and Me: Totally 90s video! How spot on! *high five*
    The Future of Us: Meh! I like the original.
    Unraveling Isobel: Neither. Neither says creepy to me.

    FUN post! :)

  5. I am so sad about Born Wicked :( I loveeed the original cover. The other's I like better though :)

  6. I think I like the originals for all of these more than the paperback versions. I can't decide if I like the original better of the UK cover better for The Future of Us.

    Vyki @ On The Shelf
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  7. I have to say, I totally like all the oldies for these ones better, too! The old covers are all original and unique, whereas the new covers are very stock-photo-y, like you said. Just sort of "meh".

  8. I'm totally agreeing with Aylee, I am in favor of the old covers not the new ones. The new ones are so bland and don't stand out from the run of the mill covers we see day in and day out. The originals were all standouts, fresh and creative.