Monday, November 7, 2011

Guest Review! Hidden by Jessica Verday

The Hidden by Jessica Verday

publisher: Simon Pulse

release date: September 6th, 2011

hardcover, 389 pages

intended audience: Young adult

The Hollow (book 3)


(books 1 & 2 in this series were both 5's)


Spoiler Alert!! Description and review may contain spoilers for books 1 & 2, so if you haven't read those STOP HERE!)
A love that knows no bounds.

Abbey knows that Caspian is her destiny. Theirs is a bond that transcends even death. But as Abbey finally learns the full truth about the dark fate that links her to Caspian and ties them both to the town of Sleepy Hollow, she suddenly has some very hard choices to make. Caspian may be the love of her life, but is that love worth dying for?

Beautifully spun, emotionally gripping, and irresistibly romantic, The Hidden will leave you breathless.

Review: Once again, I found myself flying through the pages of the Hollow Trilogy, a masterful blend of a tale of young love and the classic legend of Sleepy Hollow. The Hidden was a wonderful echo of the first two books, The Hollow and The Haunted. We get more of the haunting story of Caspian and Abbey's undying love, those that want to tear it apart, and the rich characters from Sleepy Hollow. It winds a tale that leaves you questioning 'What would you do? How far would you go for your best friend? Your eternal love? Your family? Your dream? And what happens if each question has a different consequence?

The Hidden continues right where The Haunted left off (so if you haven't read it in a while, freshen up---there is no recap) and unfold the story of Abbey and the Revenants. It leaves her with an impossible choice. Does she stay here with her family, her future, her dream of running Abbey's Hollow or does she choose her love for Caspian and leave this world forever? Jessica Verday leaves you turning pages faster and faster, not leaving a small crumb of what Abbey's decision might be.

The only thing I missed from this book is the way Abbey made perfumes. I loved the way she broke down the scents and followed that passion of her dream. I would like to see Jessica save that part of Abbey and keep the essence of who Abbey really is. There is enough room for both of her loves to remain.

Other than that, this book did not disappoint fans as the conclusion of the series.

In true Halloween fashion (because this was my Halloween read), I will say that I love The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and all the tales that lie within. Thank you, Jessica Verday, for making this series come alive, for breathing life into a classic tale, and for making cemeteries a magical place of peace and maybe even love.

Visit Jessica Verday's site here. (It's a gorgeous and fun interactive site!)

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  1. I'd read it because the cover was so awesome!

  2. I haven't read any of this series yet, though I really want to! I hear such great things :)