Thursday, November 10, 2011

Book News: Bree Despain's Lost Letters of Brother Gabriel

How is everyone this Thursday? :)
I want to share some cool new from Bree Despain and Egmont Publishing!
I love the Dark Divine series, so I'm completely excited about this e-book release---even more excited that a great cause is being supported with every sale!! Take a look:

A Divine Full-Moon Campaign Launches

Join in and you could win great reads and cool prizes.

Egmont Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of The Lost Letters of Gabriel. And starting at the stroke of midnight, Friday, November 11th through Saturday, December 10th, Egmont and acclaimed author of The Dark Divine series Bree Despain will be offering weekly prizes from books to jewelry to celebrate the upcoming paperback publication of TheLost Saint (11/22/11), book 2 in the trilogy. The final book, The Savage Grace, will be available in March.

In addition, for just $1.99 readers can purchase The Lost Letters of Gabriel, a special digital supplement to the series that will add a whole new layer of intrigue and understanding to these books. The letters, first introduced during The Dark Divine (Book 1) to help Grace understand the Urbat curse that has changed her life, were written during the thirteenth century and compiled in the eighteenth century, but some were lost. But those mislaid letters have been found and are now available wherever e-books are sold. Bree Despain is donating a portion of her proceeds from the letters will go to: Kids Need to Read, an organization that provides books to schools and libraries in low income areas.

Look for the next full moon and every full moon between now and the publication of The Savage Grace for more from Bree and Egmont, including exclusive content, additional prizes and maybe a surprise or two.

The Lost Letters of Gabriel: A Dark Divine Original

Available wherever e-books are sold

ISBN-13: 9781606843994; $1.99

To win cool prizes during the Full-Moon campaign, visit: