Friday, October 16, 2015

Nightmares! & The Sleepwalker's Tonic by Jason Segel & Kirsten Miller {audiobook review}

Guys, this series is so much fun!  I was recently sent these two for review in print, but I heard that the audiobooks were read by author, Jason Segel, so I snagged them off of Audible and gave them both a listen!  So happy with this choice as they were such great fun to listen to. Aside from a bit of monotone at the very beginning of book one, Jason Segel really got into character bringing the story to life as the story went on, using plenty of varied, hilarious, and entertaining voices. BUT one thing I do suggest is, even if you listen to these on audiobook, you also need to get your hands on the print copies of the books, as Karl Kwansy's illustrations are really fantastic and bring so much charm to the stories!

  In book one, we meet Charlie.  He's a young boy who's just recently lost his mother to illness. He's hurt and he's angry and often takes it out on his little brother, as brothers sometimes do.  There is an old house in his neighborhood, a spooky old purple house on a hill, and when he crosses paths one day with Charlotte Dechance, his worst fear happens---she becomes his stepmom and he winds up living in the big purple house!  When he starts having horrible nightmares, he knows she and the house have something to do with it.  Together with his band of friends, they take on their nightmares in a way they never imagined. The characters are all very different and bring something fun to the story. There's some heavy themes and touching moments dealing with loss and having a parent remarry, but also a great message in facing one's fears, standing up for your friends, and finding and using your strengths. I really enjoyed this one so much!

The second book is no sleepy follow-up (haha, sorry for the pun), as we join Charlie and his friends for another great adventure.  This time around they are teaming up with their friends from the Nightmare world to figure out who is turning the neighboring town into zombie-like Sleepwalkers--and it looks like their town will be next!  Not only that, but the mystery tonic is putting even the Nightmare world into danger. Charlie and Charlotte's relationship are closer than ever, but he's working though some feelings toward his brother Jack, and also toward one of his best friends, Penny.  He learns a hard lesson about the difference between being smart and being brave and how there's a time and place for both. These books are both such entertaining stories but I love how they tackle a few deeper themes like self-confidence, and standing by and taking care of family.  I loved getting to know these characters more and I will definitely be picking up the third book, The Lost Lullaby.

for both books! :D

Authors: Jason Segel & Kirsten Miller


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Print copies were provided by Random House in exchange for an honest review. 


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