Monday, October 26, 2015

Creeptastic Covers! {Top Ten Tuesday}

I don't know why I don't participate in this meme more often...I love making lists :D Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  To find out more and check out future topics, click on over there!!

This week, TTT gets spooky! Bloggers can pick their Halloween topic of choice, be it top ten horror stories, bookish Halloween costumes, books that will scare you,...or Top Ten Creeptastic Book Covers, which I've done here!  YA has some of the best creepy covers out there, if you ask me. These may not be THE scariest or the bloodiest, but these are 10 of my spine-tinglers:

LOVE this cover. It's one of my favorites off all time.  Not to mention this book began my deep love of everything that Cat Winters writes!

This ghostly image is so eerie to me. She looks like she's about to choke herself of those blood-red nails. 

This book is filled with creepy photography, that is supposedly unedited in any way from it's antique state.  At first glance this pic is not anything special, until you realize the little is levitating.  (Funny thing is, she is actually one of the most charming characters in the book!)

The washed out sepia and the angle of this really sets the tone of this one. With the wierd shadowing, to me it almost looks like she is just standing with her face to a wall.


This cover will always be one of my favorites, too. Stark black and white illustration with the splash of blood at her legs and the floating rose petals. Also one of my favorite books ever!

Not sure what exactly makes this one as creepy as it feels to me. The lighting, maybe? It just IS. 

Another that is not particularly creepy at first glance..until you notice the splatter of blood in the corner. 

This one just feels like chaos and madness and motion and I love how she's breaking through the floor and the rest of her seems buried. It's the hand grabbing her foot that really sends chills down my spine, though!


Some book covers are creepy, and then some feel even creepier after you've read the book and it's just as terrifying.  This is the case with Daughters Unto Devils...horror inside and out.

I always thought this one was creepy just on it's own, but when it was about to come out, there was a horrific sidebar banner to go with it, with all these haunting whispers and scratches. Scare me to death the first time I heard it and didn't know where the sound was coming from LOL.  I think of it everytime I see the cover.
So what do you think? These get you in the Halloween mood?  In case you haven't read any of these, most of them (aside for Madness so Discreet & This is Not a Test which I haven't read yet) are also books I highly recommend for perfectly creepy Halloween reads!


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