Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dreamstrider by Lindsay Smith: First Impression Review + Second Chance Giveaway

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Where I'm at: 75

First Impression: 
Part of what gave this one it's slow start was the really long prologue.  To be honest, I started reading this one with the preview on Amazon, and for whatever reason, I started with chapter one. I thought it was pretty interesting and I was able to figure out what was going on pretty easily and how the dreamstriding worked.  Later on, I went back and started from the Prologue, and while that gave a bit of insight on where Livia came from and how she met Brandt, I still, at page 75, am not exactly clear on the world building and what exactly the "tunnels" were. Were they literal tunnels? Was it just another way to say the lower poorer areas of the city? 
Now back to the first chapter, that was actually exciting stuff! Livia is Dreamstriding in the body of an enemy General, trying to find out a few military secrets. It starts to go wrong and you see the danger in what she is doing...if the person wakes and forces her out of his body, she can be lost in the world of nightmare.  After that, the story completely lost me. From the end of chapter one, to page 75, it is nothing but politics and more politics, with a little hint of Livia mooning over Brandt. Neither the story or the writing was holding my attention.  I found nothing of the characters to connect to. And I found a few of the characters a little cartoonish.  So as much as it pains me to do so, I'm setting this aside at page 75. 

But wait!! If it's one thing a book blogger knows, its that not every book is for everyone!  This one might not have worked out so well for me, but I want to give this book a second chance at being loved! Want to give this one a shot? Enter below to win my copy!

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