Saturday, May 4, 2013

New Shelf Goodies & The Weekly Nutshell {46}

For New Shelf Goodies, I'll be showing you what lovely books I acquired this week, whether from publishers, or the library, or from whatever half-crazed book-buying binge I happened to go on. :D (Inspired by Tynga's Stacking the Shelves) The Weekly Nutshell will be just week here at Stories & Sweeties, in a nutshell. (inspired by Ginger @ GReads and her recaps at the end of the TGIF posts)

Here's my goodies for this week:
 For review:
This looks intense.
Love this book! So glad to get a finished copy. My review here.
This one is being compared to Pretty Little Liars, not my usual read so I'll just have to see!
Loved this author's first book so much. Check out my review of Orchards here

Thanks to Random House, Little Brown, and Abrams for these!    

The Weekly Nutshell: 
Have a great week everyone!! 


  1. I haven't heard a lot about TRUTH OR DARE but the cover is pretty. You have to let me know how it is! :-)

  2. Truth or dare looks really good and I can't wait to get a copy of In the shadow of blackbirds. Happy reading :D


  3. Really nice haul. Happy reading :)


  4. Becky, your haul posts always have the CUTEST pictures ever. You are so good at photography! <3 But ahem, anyways, I've heard some awesome things about In the Shadow of Blackbirds, and actually want a copy for myself. (Good thing my birthday is coming up soon... ;)) Even though I'm not a big Pretty Little Liars person, I may have to check out Truth or Dare. It seems pretty good!

    Lovely haul, Becky, and happy reading! <3

    -Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life

  5. OMG!!! Truth or Dare! Hoooow O_O I want that book desperately! I hope it's good!

    My Stacking the Shelves

  6. I'm also looking forward to Truth or Dare! It sounds so intriguing. :) I hope you enjoy it!

  7. Everyone seems to be loving In the Shadow of Blackbirds! Truth or Dare looks like it could be a fun book.

    Hope you enjoy them all :D

  8. I'm so happy you loved In the Shadow of Blackbirds :) I really love that cover and I've been hearing rave things about that one! I hope you enjoy all of your amazing books, happy reading and have a great weekend!

  9. In the Shadow of Blackbirds is freaking fantastic and I really hope you enjoy it. I am still in love with your library cart. Hahaha!

  10. Can't wait to read In the Shadow of Blackbirds! Glad you enjoyed it :). I like the sound of Truth of Dare too - I love the PLL TV show, so I'm intrigued! Happy reading :).

  11. Everyone I know loved In the Shadow of Blackbirds. I must check it out soon!

  12. They all look awesome :D Hope you will enjoy them sweetie. <3 Sigh. In the Shadow of Blackbirds :) So glad you loved it! I've already read it twice, hih (A) It's just so good.

  13. I want to read Truth or Dare so badly!

    My STS