Sunday, November 20, 2016

New Shelf Goodies & The Weekly Nutshell {176}

For New Shelf Goodies, I'll be showing you what lovely books I acquired this week, whether from publishers, or the library, or from whatever half-crazed book-buying binge I happened to go on. :D (Inspired by Tynga's Stacking the Shelves) The Weekly Nutshell will be just week here at Stories & Sweeties, in a nutshell. (inspired by Ginger @ GReads and her recaps at the end of the TGIF posts)

Here's the new stuff that popped into my mailbox this week :)
Timekeeper by Tara Sim
Gorgeous finished copy. ♥ :)
Royal Bastards by Andrew Shvarts
This one looks fun. Cast-aside royals on an adventure to save the kingdom!
Geekerella by Ashley Poston
Cons & Geekiness & Romance---sounds like such a fun mix!!
The Star Thief by Lindsey Becker
Magic, winged girls, and a steamship in the stars. Definitely for me. 

Many lovely thanks to the publishers, book traders, and friends who gave me a happy mailbox this week! :*

The Weekly Nutshell
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Waiting on Wednesday: The Evolution of Sofi Snow by Mary Weber
Giveaway: Seriously Shifted by Tina Connelly

Kind of slow week all around. Today was a lovely rainy day and it was so nice to just have a cup of tea and read! Still, I feel like I'm taking forever to read each book. I'm just about finished with Of Fire and Stars, so hopefully I'll have a review to share with you this week. I'm still trying to catch up on reviews of a few books that I read while I was on my health hiatus..eek. I'll get there! Though maybe not this week lol, with Thanksgiving baking to do. :)  Whose excited for this week? Fooooood. And being thankful, of course, for my family, for my relative health, for my friends, and books, and chocolate. And for Fooooood. Okay, what's you're favorite Thanksgiving food? Mine's the stuffing. And the pie.  LOL, now I'm hungry. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic week, and to my US friends, have a wonderful and safe holiday. I'm thankful for all my blog friends everywhere!! ♥♥♥


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