Wednesday, November 9, 2016

HEARTLESS BOOK BIRTHDAY WEEK: Makeup for the Tea Party!!

GUYS! This week (yesterday, to be exact) a book was released into the world that I know many of us out there have been counting down the days to!! A big fat
Happy Book Birthday to

Today, I'm featuring something cool that my daughter did, inspired by her love of the book. A little backstory---as with many of the books that come to me for review, my dear daughter steals away with them and reads them first. :) And as a proud mama of an avid reader, I absolutely love and encourage this LOL. After she read Heartless and fell completely in love (and heartbreak!) with this book. I heard nothing all day long but:
 "Mom, have you read Heartless yet?"
"Mom, you need to stop what you'r reading and read Heartless."
And once I did start it, I was constantly stalked by her watching my reactions, asking what part I was at, and dying to talk about parts that she loved. :D 

My daughter has her sights set on becoming a makeup artist so she's been playing with different fun makeup looks.  She was inspired to do an ode to Cath and Jest in her favorite art form:

Cards and hearts for the future Queen of Hearts on one side, a  motley hat and stripe on the other for the man who steels her heart.  What do you think?  ♥♥

Please stop back in all this week as we celebrate the Heartless Book Birthday! There'll be a recipe tomorrow (because if you've read the book, you know food played a big part in this story!), my review and a giveaway on Friday!!


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