Saturday, October 15, 2011

In My Mailbox {88} & a little Giveaway!

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren, where we all share what we got during the week!

Two newbies to the shelf this week!
From Library:
Misfit by Jon Skovron
I never got a chance to read this when I got it from Netgalley, so I grabbed it from the library to read soon! I've heard great things about this one!

For Review:
Creatura by Nely Cab
I ran across this one just perusing around goodreads. The story looks fascinating, and that cover immediately caught my eye. Even the website for this one is absolutely charming! Turns out the author actually painted the gorgeous artwork on the cover! So cool! She was kind enough to send me a review copy and...
...some gorgeous bookmarks! She sent several, so I kept a few for myself and I want to share the rest with you guys!! I have 5 to give away so if you want one, shout in the comments: I want a pretty bookmark!! :D I'll pick 5 randomly to get one! (I have to keep this one US only...sorry international friends!)

New on my Nook:

Pyxis by K.C. Neal
Fairies! :D

Hope everyone had a great week! Happy reading!


  1. I want a pretty bookmark!!! ...Pwease?

  2. I didn't like Misfit but I hope you like it!
    Happy Reading!
    In My Mailbox

  3. Creatura does sound great! This is the first time I'm hearing about it! :) And the website is so interactive!

    I also got Pyxis this week! :)

    I want a pretty bookmark! :) jacindahinten(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. creatura does have an awesome cover!! i've been seeing pyxis a lot lately. enjoy!

  5. I want a pretty bookmark!!! Please :)

    Misfit is an awesome book! I hope you enjoy it.

    I got Pyxis this week as well and I'm excited to start it.

    Here's my IMM

    :) Aeicha

  6. I haven't read any of these, but they look and sound really great. :) I hope you enjoy them.

    Have a lovely week,
    Carina @ Fictional Distraction

  7. new follower!

    wow both of these books look great!
    happy reading!

    check out my in my mailbox :)

  8. As always, wonderful books this week! I have a few fun things going on my blog right now, too. I have three giveaways Signed ARC of Out of OZ, Love and Marriage Giveaway, October Book Giveaways and they have a total of 13 books and a swag pack you can win. Stop by to check it out!

    I hope you have a fabulous week of reading!

    Hippies, Beauty, and Books. Oh My!

  9. I've heard good things about Misfit! And I haven't heard about the other two, but they look really good.

    Happy Reading! :)

  10. I really enjoyed Misfit! It's a great novel. I haven't read many books about demons, and this definitely sparked my interest. Wow, the cover for Pyxis is so pretty! I love it.

    Books of Amber

  11. I want a pretty bookmark!
    Super giveaway!!

    follow via gfc

  12. Creature looks interesting! Enjoy!
    (not an entry)

  13. Misfit looks awesome! And Creatura looks really interesting... Happy reading!

  14. I want a pretty bookmark!!
    thanks for giveaway


  15. I want a pretty bookmark! I have actually read Misfit and I really enjoyed it. I found it to be a really fast paced. Enjoy!

    thegirlonfire27 at gmail dot com


    That's a really cool cover!

  17. I want a pretty bookmark! And that one looks so cool :)

  18. Fab set! I'm really curious about Misfit. I hope you love it.
    My IMM

  19. I keep looking at Misfits but never actually purchase it, I'm interested to see what you think of it. It's cool that the author painted the cover art on Creatura. Happy reading!

  20. Enjoy! These look really good. Happy reading!

  21. Happy Reading. I Want A Pretty Bookmark. It looks so cool.:D