Thursday, October 13, 2011

Amazon GC Winner!! (week 1-Spooky Reads Challenge)

So the first week of the challenge is over and I have a winner for the first Amazon GC!!

Link #10 - Jen Ryland!!!
Congrats, Jen!

Thanks to all who are participating! :)
Hope you're all enjoying those spooky reads!!

It's not too late to sign up!! I have two more weeks worth of Amazon GCs to give away, and don't forget the Spooky Reads Gift Pack at the end!!
To sign up and post reviews, see this post!


  1. Wow -- I am super-excited. In honor of this, I think I will have a cupcake for lunch :)
    I have read two out of my three books and about to get to the third so I can post my thoughts...