Saturday, March 5, 2011 out this month!!

I'm RAKing this month! Isalys and Vanessa over at Book ♥ Soulmates have put together a fantastic feature called Random Acts of Kindness. I think its a brilliant idea and I'll be joining as often as I can! I've always been floored by the amazing generosity of the book blogging community and I think this is the perfect way to give a little of that back!

You can find out all the details at their site, but here are the basics:
• Sign up for each month you want to participate. Sign ups are open all month.
• Grab a button and spread the word!
• Make a wishlist and link it in your sign up form.
If you want to RAK someone, check out their wishlist (linked in the sign up post), contact them for their address, and RAK away! :)
Open to one and all!

Happy, everyone! :D


  1. Ooo have to have a look :) thanks for the heads up!

    The Arrival, on Amazon now

  2. Definitely have my curiosity spiked. I'll check it out.