Thursday, April 22, 2010

Review: Knight Angels by Abra Ebner

Knight Angels by Abra Ebner

publisher: Crimson Oak Publishing

release date: April 26th (but its shipping now)
paperback, 395 pages

intended audience: Young adult


Description from author's website:
When I think of death, I don’t see what everyone else does. There’s a soft whisper when you find it, and a voice telling us that everything will be okay.

We never die alone, because they are always there watching over us, protecting us, and guiding us. They are s
ilent, like a simple gust of wind, but it is in that wind that our world can change.
Mine did.

When the accident hap
pened, and my father died, I was there. I saw them. I can’t remember their faces, but I know they weren’t human.

There were two—one
was the murderer, and one was my knight. I was spared. Ever since, the nightmares of death haunt me.
Somewhere deep inside, I know that I should have died.

Review: I'd been eager to read this book since I first discovered it on the author's website a few months back. The gorgeous cover drew me in first and when I finally cracked the book open, I was anything but disappointed! What a fantastic, whirlwind of a story! This book was told chapter by chapter, alternating between the points of view of the four main characters: Jane, her younger sister Emily, their lifelong friend Wes, and the mysterious new guy Max. This was the perfect format for this story. Because there was so much going on with each character, it really gave you a good sense of connection with each one. I have to say, I loved all four of them. Each of their relationships between eachother was complicated and real. The story was exciting and moved fast, with little pieces of the plot falling into place with every turn of the page. You feel the love and the confusion, the danger and the helplessness against the enemy, the wonder at all the magick...definitely not one to be missed!

The second of this series is due out this summer and I'm so excited to see what happens next!


  1. This sounds really good. I will be checking it out. Love the cover!

  2. 5 cupcakes, yay! I can't wait for this one! I really like books with alternating point of views. Great review!

  3. The cover is fantastic...and it sounds good. Gonna have to get this one!

  4. Awesome review! I love the cover :D