Friday, April 23, 2010

Interview with Abra Ebner & Knight Angels Giveaway!

I'd like to welcome Knight Angels author, Abra Ebner,
to Stories & Sweeties!!

Describe Knight Angels in your own words.

Knight Angels is my second series, and I believe that changes everything. My first series was from the hip, but Knight Angels is a lot better orchestrated. I believe the complexity of characters is, quite frankly, a lot more fun! I love having four narrators, because the secrets seem juicer—you feel like a part of it. It’s addicting in that respect, much like a soap opera. When the scene changes, you find yourself (I found myself, even after reading a million times) wanting to read just a little bit more. There’s always something happening.

Is there a planned release schedule for the following books in the series?

I know that Book Two: Book of Revenge, will be this summer, but after that, there’s no telling. I’m planning for four books, but we’ll see how the story goes; it all depends on that.

Can you tell a little about how you got interested in writing?

I’ve always loved writing, but it never dawned on me to actually write until I studied abroad. I didn’t have a TV, and books were rather pricey. I decided to start writing my own books to pass time. It wasn’t until 6 years later when something finally came of it.

Tell us about your ideal writing space.

The couch. I know it sounds uncomfortable, and it is at times (need a new couch), especially after sitting for six hours—as I have at this moment. I don’t do well sitting at a desk, even though I have a lovely office. Sometimes I’ll sit in bed, but that’s dangerous because I forget to stop and eat. When this is all you want to do, it’s hard to remain and active member of society.

What is your inspiration for Knight Angels and the characters in it?

My own life, as I’m sure it is for most people. I was an observer when I was young. I never talked much, but I still had many friends from all planes of popularity and personality. My high school boyfriend died in a car wreck, and I suppose that’s where I get the idea for guardian angels. My boyfriends and friends were always different from one another, sometimes drastically. I’ve seen it all, so to speak, and they’re all in there somewhere.

How would you describe your writing style?

From the hip. Even though I said I plan a little more now, that still doesn’t mean much. I like the story to surprise me as well, not just my readers. First and foremost, my books are meant to entertain, including me.

Who are your favorite authors? What are you reading right now?

Right now I am reading Wicked Lovely, but that changes fast. When I get on a roll, I will read a book every two days. Sunday I read Shiver (loved it) and today, Wednesday, it’s Wicked Lovely.

Favorite books this year include: Hush, hush; Fallen; The Immortals Series; Shiver; and Beautiful Creatures…

What kind of books did you love to read as a teenager?

Harry Potter was my favorite—but that’s a given. I read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. That was probably my favorite, though I think I was twenty by then. I also fell in love with Lovely Bones and Time Traveler’s Wife. When you’re young, those are electric.

Which of the characters that you've written is your favorite?

Probably… Elle, from Feather Book Series, but Max from Knight Angels rivals that. I had meant for Jane to be my favorite, but then I loved Max more!

I just got my hands on one of your previous novels, Parallel, about a boy who gets launched into the future. If you could go anywhere in time, future or past, where would it be?

Third grade. I loved my teacher, Mrs. Livingston. I swear I learned nothing that year other than the importance of being creative and open. Many mothers had a fit, but not mine. My Parents have always supported my free-thinking and creativity. They sent me to Art School after all.

Now for a few fun questions:

Favorite snack while writing?

Orange Juice and Peanut M&M’s (really helps when I forget to eat—sugar)

Favorite movie?

Thomas Crown Affair—I can’t watch it enough. And then Becoming Jane Austen—Male lead is, well, hot!

Favorite color?

Blue and Pink

Favorite band and song?

Dave Matthews Band—You and Me

Favorite teacher from your school years?

Mrs. Livingston!!!

You can find more info on Abra and her books at her website!

And because I absolutely loved her newest book, Knight Angels, I am giving away a copy (not my copy! I'm keepin' that!!) to one lucky winner!! I'm keeping this giveaway sweet and simple---all you have to do to enter is comment with your email and your favorite fact about Abra! On May 15th, I will choose a post number with a random number generator. Unfortunately, I have to keep this one within the U.S. and Canada, but for my international friends, please feel free to enter if you have someone in the U.S. who is willing to ship it to you!


  1. I love that she totally writes on the couch and her bed! I do that! My parents would yell at me all the time to use my desk but eventually they got use to my weird study habits. I think it's funny that she started writing Knights liking Jane then ended up liking Max more!

  2. I love Orange Juice and Peanut M&M’s like her too! And we both love Blue and Pink!

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    Fun Fact: she and her hubby were childhood friends :)

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    Knight Angels sounds great--I want!


  6. Awesome interview. I love the little frame you gave the photo too :)

  7. I like that Abra was an observer when she was younger because I was also.

    Sara M
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    Thanks for the interview and giveaway!

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  9. I love that she has such great memories of her teacher. I had some wonderful teachers like that & my mom still works with/knows some of them (yes, my mom's in the school-profession, too)... it's just interesting what a huge impact your teachers can have but how easy it can be to forget that sometimes. : )

    Thanks for the giveaway. The cover of the novel is lovely (I'm a sucker for pretty covers...)

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  20. I love how Abra writes to not only entertain readers but also herself. This is what makes good books great! If an author is entertained by her own books how can a reader not be? :)
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    A book every 2 days? That is wonderful. I love to read as well.
    Peanut M&Ms are dangerous... there should be a warning label because a bag is gone so quick after opening it's just not normal;)

    Mahalo Abra for doing the interview- it was very interesting to read.

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