Thursday, May 19, 2016

Old Books, New Looks {16}

Time again for another round of Old Books, New Looks, where I feature the covers of books that have already been released and their redesigned paperback counterpart! :) Sometimes I like the new better, sometimes I like the old. Here's a few that I've come across lately:

  The OLDIES   vs.  The NEWBIES 
Ack. Don't. The first design was too perfect for this wild, bizarre, eerily disorienting (in a good way lol) story and I hate to see it change. 

Both are appealing, both have a pretty similar feel. But I do like the original more, with the hint of blood on the sword and the larger title font. 

Nah, should have left this one alone. The new one is pretty, but ZERO points for originality. 

I adore the new cover. I love the interest of an elegant lady wearing a skull pendant and I love the distressing. 

The original was pretty, especially in person, but I far prefer the new one with the ghostly pale hands and the soft colors of the flowers. So pretty. 

Both of the these are really interesting and both have pretty symbolic meaning to them as far as a story about lost faith. But if I picked up the second based just on the cover, I would think it was MG. 

I did like the original cover...until I saw the new ones (this one and the one for the second book). The second is much more fun and the spiral background gives it a funky retro feel. Love it.  

What a great change.  The first one was just unappealing to me. I really love the painted redesign. Plus it's about an artist---I appreciate significant touches like that. 

I love the new look, the style is definitely what is on trend right now (the sort of candid photo + fun font combo), plus I love that it depicts "the five" that the story is about, with one on her own as the main character. 

So---Like the old? New? Neither? LOL 
I'd love to hear what you think of these changes!! 


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