Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shatter Me Series News from Tahereh Mafi!!

Ok, for all my blog readers who don't follow Tahereh Mafi's blog (why the heck not? The girl is so funny!), I wanted to share this with you. Miss Mafi imparted some awesome news for those of us who are dying for more of this series and are impatiently suffering because book 2's release date was pushed back until February of 2013. Ugh.

But here it is...I'll let Tahereh tell you herself:

Awesome, right?? :D


  1. Oh em gee. Thanks so much for sharing this. Loved Shatter Me!

  2. She's so cute and funny! :)
    Nice nice!
    And thanks for tip. I had to turn it off when she started her spoiler.

  3. I stumbled on this by accident on YouTube today (I know, I'm living under a rock these days, thanks college)! And I was *SO* excited!! Hubs was asking a million questions and I launched into the whole story and who Warner was and he just smile and nodded. Probably the last time he'll ever ask me a question when I'm watching an authors vlog LOL!

    But yay for a long novella!!!