Thursday, May 10, 2012

Guest Review: Hollow Pike by James Dawson

Hollow Pike by James Dawson

publisher: Orion's Children's Books

release date: February 2nd, 2012

paperback, 416 pages

intended audience: Young adult


source: purchased
reviewer: Amy

Something wicked this way comes... She thought she'd be safe in the country, but you can't escape your own nightmares, and Lis London dreams repeatedly that someone is trying to kill her. Lis thinks she's being paranoid - after all who would want to murder her? She doesn't believe in the local legends of witchcraft. She doesn't believe that anything bad will really happen to her. You never do, do you? Not until you're alone in the woods, after dark - and a twig snaps... Hollow Pike - where witchcraft never sleeps.

Marvelously Brilliant and British!

Hollow Pike is the perfect blending of some of my favorites.. a good classic witch-in-the-woods scary story and my new love of British authors. This story follows a wonderful classic horror story of teenagers playing the proverbial game of "what if..." and the consequences that follow when you play with the game of fate.

I will tell you I was pleasantly surprised with the many twists and turns that this book took with keeping and building the storys' suspense, not giving away any answers till the very end.
I loved all the small town references of witchcraft and all the paranoia that surrounds such legends. I will say however the most surprising revelation of all is this book was written by a man. Please don't shy away and think that it is written for guys or tend to avoid books written in a guy's perspective. It's not! James Dawson gets it dead right. I don't know how many times I found myself glancing to the back cover just to confirm "yes this really is written by a man." So kudos to you, James, somehow you have figured us women out enough to write a book with a female main character that is identifiable and spot on.

Without delving too much into the details of this book (I don't want to give any of it away) I will say if you love witch stories or a good murder mystery or wonderfully undiluted British writing this book is for you!!

Oh and a little side note: Great job on the back jacket photo. It is the prefect pic with an air of mystery---as a photographer myself, I just love it when authors and photographers get it right!! If I was allowed to rate the photo (which I secretly always do) I give you a bonus 5 cupcakes--- ones made of dark chocolate with a mysterious dark ganache filling! :)

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  1. I've heard great things about this one - it's on my Halloween reading list! :)