Sunday, April 8, 2012

Not In My Mailbox...In YOUR Mailbox!!

Ok, guys...sorry about the last few days of blog silence. I came down with a nasty cold and was pretty much in bed for the past few days. UGH. Glad that's over. Well, almost. I'm out of bed, but still feeling a little fuzzy. I'll get there.


I didn't actually get anything in my mailbox this week. Nothing for review, I didn't buy anything (pat on the head), and no moments of weakness at the library. I'm afraid I have nothing to show you, BUT...

Let's talk about YOUR mailbox!!!

In just a few weeks, one of you lucky-duck blog readers is going to have this lovely lot of 2011-2012 ARCs in their mailbox!SO WHO WANTS IT??
Just fill out THIS FORM :)

•US addresses only. (Sorry!)
•Must be 13 or older
•Ends May 5th, 2012

Good Luck!! ♣


  1. Glad you're feeling better! Thanks for the great giveaway! <3

  2. Awesome giveaway! I really want to read Fever and Sweet Evil. Thank you and I hope you get better soon!!

  3. I hope you feel better soon! <3

  4. Glad you are feeling better and thanks for the giveaway! :)

  5. lol In YOUR Mailbox is a great idea. Get well soon!

  6. Jealous! Wish I was in the US they all look awesome :) Hope you get well soon!

  7. You so cool. This is grand.
    Happy Easter.
    Get well soon.
    (not an entry)

  8. Amazing! So many great books piled into one! :D

    Shortskie @ Rondo of a Possible World
    My Mailbox

  9. Awesome idea! Maybe I'll do that with some books I have to give away!

  10. Hope you feel better soon. Wow, great giveaway.
    New follower.

    Here's my IMM

  11. Aww thanks so much for the fabulous giveaway!! And hope you are feeling better! :P

    You can check out my IMM video and post for this week at the link below-- Happy Reading! :)

    Lea @ LC's Adventures in Libraryland

  12. Hope you start feeling better soon! Thanks for the great giveaway!

    Check out my IMM here: Take Me Away... On the Pages of Your Story

  13. Glad you're feeling better - colds are horrible! :-( Thanks for the giveaway too :)

  14. Feel Better! What an awesome giveaway!!! A definite new follower! So glad I checked out your IMM today! Thanks!

    MY IMM

  15. Ahhh this is so nice and had a very catchy title lol! Grave Mercy wants me to pet it... it does 0.o

    Shae @ Understanding Shae's Story

  16. Looks like you have a nice haul for this week!

    Happy reading,

  17. I hope you feel better soon and that you had a good Easter :) Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

  18. Wowzers! That person will be very lucky! You can just send it to me... you know.. if you want! :P

    Xpresso Reads

  19. Holy Smokes! What a wonderful pile of goodies. Thank you for spreading the joy :)

  20. Wow- you rock! Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I am a new reader!