Monday, January 16, 2012

Dark Days of Winter 2012 - San Francisco Stop!

This week, I had the absolute thrill of attending the San Francisco stop of the Dark Days of Winters tour!! It was completely amazing! The event took place at Books, Inc at Opera Plaza---a great indie bookstore with so much character and an awesome staff. This is the second event I've attended there and I am always so impressed with how well run the event is and how well attended! With such amazing authors, and surprise drop in by Anna Carey, author of Eve---you can bet they had a packed house!

The event featured Ellen Schrieber, Tahereh Mafi, Veronica Rossi, and Anna Carey. All four authors did such a great Q & A where they discussed everything from their inspirations, research methods, creating worlds, and the blessing of a good copy editor. When the questions wound down, they all graciously visited with the fans, smiled pretty for photographs, and signed tons of books, bookmarks, and even a personal journal!

One of the big highlights of my time there was being the official live blogger! I live-tweeted the entire thing during the event and got to do a quick interview with the authors! Here's a video of a few of the questions---we had some "technical difficulties" so we missed the first part of it, and the sound is a bit low (LOL, it was my first time doing anything like this!). So turn up the volume and take a look :)
I also brought my best friend and pro photographer, Amy, with me to capture some cool pics! So, to show all the great shots she got of the event, I've made a little slideshow, featuring a song that will probably age me, but that I thought fit perfectly with the apocalyptic theme of Shatter Me, Under the Never Sky, and Eve! :D Some things to watch for:  invaded chocolates & and proof that authors know how to accessorize!
Find out more about the Dark Days Tour at Dark Days Central! I hope you all get a chance to catch one of these tour stops! They are a blast!!


  1. That was great! You're so cute and professional! *high five*
    Side note: LOVE the shoes
    I loved your photo montage too.
    I like those close up shots of their hands while they're talking to the mic.

    I just visited your Twitter feed.
    LOVE Tahereh shoes and purse!

    1. Thanks, Juju! I was a bit nervous! I'm generally pretty shy, so interviewing authors is completely new territory for me!

      The close ups of their hands and rings were some of my favorite shots, too!

  2. AWESOME!!!! i was there and it was so much fun!!!! i cant wait for the next one!!!!

    Tara and her giveaway

    1. Glad you had a great time, too, Tara!! Hope to see you in a few weeks at the Cinder/Fracture/Rivals signing! :D

  3. Great job! Looks like you had fun, and think you did a great job despite being shy!