Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sweetness of Sunday: An Ode to a Favorite!

Sometimes life is just too darn busy. Somedays, stopping everything to spend a few hours making cupcakes and frosting from scratch is just not a possiblity (I've personally had quite a few of those days lately!). So what does this mean for a cupcake lover? Does a craving for the lovely handheld goodness just have to go ignored and unchecked??? I think not!! So for this Sweetness on Sunday, I'm honoring the old standby for busy days when you feel like you must have a fresh baked cupcake and you must have it right now. Pictured below is my personal favorite: yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

Grab a box of yellow cake mix---follow instructions on the back for cupcakes. (Baker's secret: most cake mixes that call for 3 eggs turn out just as moist and yummy with only 2!)
Grab a container of your favorite chocolate frosting. (I prefer Betty Crocker for both the cake mix and the frosting)
Frost those lovelies up and enjoy :D
Oh, and don't forget the sprinkles! Sprinkles are like happy thoughts, enjoy them whenever you can!!

And, yeah...the cupcake in this photo? Eatin' it as I type this post. You better believe it! :D


  1. LOL Looks yummy! I love baking, especially when my 4 year old helps out with the measuring of ingredients and mixing ... I just don't like the cleaning up bit afterwards.

  2. Hummmm yummy! Can I have one ?! ;)