Monday, November 8, 2010

Cover Story

It's been a veritable cover reveal extravaganza lately in YA bookland!! Some of these, I'm not sure when they were revealed, but they are definitely new to me! Let me show you a few of my favorites:

First off, Saundra Mitchell revealed a new cover for her upcoming Vespertine and honestly, I like this one SO much better! Now this one would completely sell me if I were browsing a bookstore. The gorgeous dress and the slightly panicked look on her face. This has me thinking, "What is she running from? I must read this and find out!!"

Super excited about Shimmer, the second Riley Bloom book from Alyson Noel. I really enjoyed Radiance, so I'm excited to see what is next for this fun character!

Nightspell, the second book the Mistwood by Leah Cypress, was revealed and it's gorgeous! AND it coordinates perfectly with the first book, which I love!

The third book in R.J. Anderson fairy series, called Arrow, is due out early next year. This is actually the UK cover, no sign of a US cover yet, but honestly, when I finally get around to buying these, I'll be hitting BookDepository for the UKs. Like I said before, I do so appreciate it when the series covers match! They looks so much prettier on my shelves!

Ok, I admit I haven't read this series yet. But I had to show this reveal my best friend put it (she is a huge House of Night fan), this cover is just plain Bad-Ass. Love the swirly tattoo, love the cool black wings. Awakened, coming January 2011.

Jaclyn Dolamore's newest offer is about mermaids and winged creatures!! How fun!! I do love mermaid stories, and find that they score some the most beautiful covers! Think Forgive My Fins, Lost Voices, Sirens, and now, Between the Sea & Sky!!

So, that's the cover story for now! Let me know what you think of all these fabulous beauties!
And answer me this: Which upcoming YA cover are you dying to see revealed??
My answer: Wildfire by Karsten Knight & Passion by Lauren Kate


  1. I was beyond excited when I saw "Nightspell" today...gorgeous and I can't wait to read it! *squee!

  2. LOVE the covers!! Thanks for the post. =D

  3. So many book are coming with so many awesome and beautiful (breathtaking) covers. And so many sequals..oh gosh, I still need to read the first books.

  4. Ah! I've been trying to get a copy of the book before Arrow but BD is always out of stock! I have the UK cover for Knife so I kinda wanna keep that trend going lol. I love the cover for Arrow! And Shimmer too!