Saturday, October 16, 2010

In My Mailbox {38}

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren, where we all share what we got during the week!

Fun stuff this week! Got some review books I'm excited about, some cool purchases, and I happened upon a library book sale this morning when I was turning in some books! I love library book sales with all my little ♥. :)

For Review:
Taurus Eyes and Gemini Night by Bonnie Hill Hearn
I picked up the first in this series a few weeks ago at a used book store, so I was excited to get these, so I can review the series as a whole! Thanks, Nicole!

Haunted (Dreaming Anastasia #2) by Joy Preble
I recently read the first in this series and was incredible excited to get this for review! Thank you, Sourcebooks Fire!

Scorch Trials by James Dashner
This one was more for hubby since he's a big fan of the first book---but I definitely will be reading this series as soon as I can!

Dark Life by Kat Falls
I've always been curious about this one! It really looks like an amazing dystopian story about an underwater society!

Gone by Michael Grant
I never gave this one a second look because the cover did not grab me at all. But I finally read the synopsis and it sounds pretty amazing! Plus, I got it for a buck at the library sale! :)

Library check-outs:
Candle Man: The Society of Unrelenting Vigilence by Glenn Dakin
This one looks fun---a steampunk adventure about a young boy who can melt people with one touch!!

Keeper by Kathi Appelt
I've always wanted to read this one... a girl sets out to find her mermaid mother! I haven't heard much about it sounds like an interesting story.

Dormia by Jake Halpern & Peter Kujawinski
This one caught my eye at work when someone turned it in---its about a boy who does some pretty amazing things while he sleepwalking and soon finds out its a special skill from an ancient kingdom!

So, that's what I got this week! Hope everyone had a wonderful book week!


  1. Great books this week. I really want to read the Gone series and the Star Crossed series. Happy reading!

  2. Congrats on your finds! I'm jealous of library sales, wait scratch that, I'm jealous that you have libraries because we don't have them here. :P

  3. Ooh, great books this week! I'm really curious about Bonnie Hill Hearn's series.

    Happy reading!

  4. I really love hoe you took pictures of your new books on your bookshelf. Super cute idea! You got some great book this week. Like you, I never stopped for Gone but I heard it's pretty amazing.

    My Mailbox

  5. Dark Life is amazing. I hope you love it as much as I did!

  6. I got Scorch Trials as well- I can't wait to read it. I also heard Keeper is getting a lot of Newbery buzz. I look forward to your reviews! Enjoy all your books.

  7. OH you're reading Beautiful Darkness! Can't wait to read your review!

    Another fine Mailbox and your avatar makes me hungry!

    Enjoy the reads :)

  8. WOw, love libaries. :) Have fun reading the books you got. Can't wait to read your reviews.

  9. Great books, I hope you enjoy!
    Happy reading!
    If you want to know what I got in my mailbox this week, check out my blog here-

  10. ooh, i didn't know anastasia had a sequel! i have the first one but haven't had a chance to read it yet. enjoy!

  11. Great books - I really want to read James Dashner's series as well.

  12. Oh, great books this week! I didn't realize the Scorch Trials was out yet! Happy reading, eh! :)

  13. I love how you pose your books like that. I loved Dreaming Anastasia, so thanks for letting me know there's going to be a sequel! I'm excited :D I wanted to read Bonnie Hill Hearn's series but I can never find them in stores around me, so I might just have to order them. Anyway, have a great week of reading :)

    Here's what I got in my mailbox this week :)

  14. Oh, you already have Haunted! Waahhh

  15. You have some great books there this week!

    Come and visit me for a new meme, On My Radar :)

    Rach xxx