Friday, October 8, 2010

Hoppin' Around! Blog Hop & Follow Friday

It's Friday again and you know what that means!! It's time to hop around and make some new blog friends!! If it's your first visit to Stories & Sweeties, WELCOME!!! Please feel free to link in the comments so I can visit you, too! :)

First off, we have Follow Friday hosted by Parakjunkee's View! (click the logo to get there!)Here's the featured question of the week:
How many book reviews do you like to do in a week?

Well, I would like to do four or five, but it really ends up to be more like two or three. There's just not enough hours in day in my household!! :)

Next up is the Book Blog Hop hosted by Crazy-for-Books! (click the logo to get there!)This week, she asks: What's your favorite beverage while reading or blogging, if any?

Hot chocolate!! So excited that the weather is getting colder so I can cozy up with my blanket and hot mug of cocoa and read away the hours! A close second is tea is Ginger Peach tea.

Thanks for hopping by!


  1. Happy Friday! I'm already a follower :)

    I, too, love me some hot drinks like hot cocoa, but I'm quite partial to coffee, myself!

  2. Hello :)

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Hello,i'm your newest follower!I found you through FF!

    Come check my blog at

  4. Hellooo! I am already a follower. :) I love hot chocolate - especially Starbucks. It is the only thing I will drink there!

  5. Hi There!

    I'm hopping by from the Blog Hop!

    I'm a new follower!

    Happy Blogging!

    - Mevurah

  6. Hi,
    Happy Friday! I'm doing the Blog Hop and Follow Friday. I usually drink iced tea while blogging and the occasional glass of wine. Have a magnificent weekend!

  7. love the site, i know my cohort Amy will too, she's our baker and reader. we have slices of cheesecake for our rating system.
    come check us out. we don't have our picture of the cake yet! it's coming in a few weeks.

  8. Hopping by and following.

    Check my blog Murphy's Library.

  9. Hey! Happy Follow Friday! Just got back from my signing in California and posted a fun picture of me with Becca Fitzpatrick and Heidi R Kling for my FMBBF/Blog Hop post. Stop by and check it out!
    Happy Follow Friday!!!
    Emma Michaels

  10. Hey Becky, thanks for hoppy by! I love your blog, it's so pretty and I thought I was a follower already but it turns out I wasn't but I soon fixed that :D
    LOL, squash is a concentrated juice which you dilute with about 5 parts water- yummy!

    Enjoy your weekend :)

  11. So glad to have found your fun blog via the Hop. I love stories, "sweeties," and hot chocolate, too. Looks like we're going to get along great :)

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  12. Forgot to say that I found you through the Hop and FF and am a new Follower!

  13. Happy HOP! I drink alot of water during the day and switch to diet soda at night to help keep awake a little longer. Happy reading !!

    Hop on over and visit my blog :D

  14. Thanks for stopping by at Murphy's Library (!

    I'm following you now. Hope you're having a great weekend!


  15. I'm with you with the blankie! hahahahahah I'll throw in a cat too.
    Just hoping by, following and saying hi.
    If you have any scary or paranormal reviews, intereviews, or giveaways, then make sure to stop by my site and add them (anytime this month) to my Giving me the Creeps October page. I'm hoping to spread the word on some blogs and share the scary all month long!

  16. Just hopping by to say Hi and checki out your blog. Stop by and say Hi and enter my book giveaways. My favorite place to read is in bed at night after the kids are in bed! Have a great weekend!