Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday

"Waiting on Wednesday" is a weekly meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine. It lets us all gush about what soon-to-be released books we are jumping-up-and-down excited for.

Museum of Thieves
by Lian Tanner

release date: September 28, 2010 from Delacorte Books for Young Readers

Welcome to the tyrannical city of Jewel, where impatience is a sin and boldness is a crime.

Goldie Roth has lived in Jewel all her life. Like every child in the city, she wears a silver guardchain and is forced to obey the dreaded Blessed Guardians. She has never done anything by herself and won’t be allowed out on the streets unchained until Separation Day.

When Separation Day is canceled, Goldie, who has always been both impatient and bold, runs away, risking not only her own life but also the lives of those she has left behind. In the chaos that follows, she is lured to the mysterious Museum of Dunt, where she meets the boy Toadspit and discovers terrible secrets. Only the cunning mind of a thief can understand the museum’s strange, shifting rooms. Fortunately, Goldie has a talent for thieving.

Which is just as well, because the leader of the Blessed Guardians has his own plans for the museum—plans that threaten the lives of everyone Goldie loves. And it will take a daring thief to stop him. . . .

Museum of Thieves is a thrilling tale of destiny and danger, and of a courageous girl who has never been allowed to grow up—until now.

My Thoughts: I just recently discovered this one at the Teens@Random website, and after reading the excerpt, I am so excited about this one. It sounds like a such a great adventure! And that awesome cover!! Reminds me a little of the cover artwork for The Time Travelers by Linda Buckley Archer, one of my favorite MG fiction series, so maybe that is what struck such a good chord with me with this one! Only a few weeks to wait!


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  2. How cool! I love the name Toadspit and would read the book even just for him. Hope you enjoy it when it's released :)

    Here's my WOW for the week

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  3. Oh this sounds like a good one! I can see my son begging me for this book!
    The Delusional Diaries

  4. Oh this looks like a great middle school read. Thanks for sharing this I will definitely be looking into this one!

  5. Goldie sounds like a great character!
    Hope you enjoy this when it comes out :)

  6. Thanks for the pick! I really like the cover a lot. Not sure it's something I'd buy, but I'd definitely pick it up at the library. I'll keep my eye out for it!

    Here's my pick :) http://hobbitsies.net/wordpress/?p=317

  7. This book does look adorable. I'm not really too into MGs but I think this one looks great. Thanks so much for sharing.

    My WoW Pick

  8. I've never heard of this one before... but I'm going to have to buy it... it looks fantastic!!

    Please check out my pick here:

  9. This sounds like so much fun. I love the whole 'tone' of that blurb.

  10. Great pick, love your blog and rating system.
    Joy at Books and Life

  11. I never heard of this, but it does look interesting. I hope you get your book and that you enjoy it. Check out what I am Waiting on Wednesday for.

  12. i'll admit it, I took one look at that cover and went "I want that." Then I stopped myself and read the discription and I still think I want it. Will be looking more throughly at it when I see it at the bookstore.

    what I'm waiting for can be found here.