Friday, February 26, 2010

Review: Gone by Lisa McMann

Gone by Lisa McMann

publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

release date: February 9th, 2010

hardcover, 214 pages

intended audience: Young Adult


Things should be great for Janie—she has graduated from high school and is spending her summer with Cabel, the guy she’s totally in love with. But deep down she’s panicking about how she’s going to survive her future when getting sucked into other people’s dreams is really starting to take its toll. Things get even more complicated when she meets her father for the very first time—and he’s in a coma. As Janie uncovers his secret past, she begins to realize that the choice thought she had has more dire consequences than she ever imagined.

I really loved this series. It was fantastic, the characters were strong, the writing style was completely unique to anything I have read before. While I still really liked this installment, it was such a different feel from the first two, that it kind of threw me at first. (Ok, this being the third in the series, I am going to try very hard to review Gone without giving away any spoilers for the first two!!)This time around, you find the main character, Janie, dealing with more of an inner battle. The first two, there was alot of excitement, alot going on with how she was learning about and using her abilities, and learning how it would change her life. She also discovers how this ability is going to effect the rest of her life and those around her. This is what the the basis of the last book is about: her choice to use her abilities and let the effects happen, or to hide away from the world, including Cabel, the guy she loves. It's truly a tough emotional journey for her and it's interesting to see how the new person in her life opens her eyes to what her choices really mean. It's a much "quieter" story than the first two, if that makes sense, and while I still really enjoyed this one, I have to admit that it was definitely my least favorite of the three.


  1. Thank you for the spoiler-free review! I haven't gotten around to reading Fade and Gone yet, but I loved how focused the conflict is in Wake- for both what Janie had to go through and what she had to do.

    I can't wait to read the rest of this series.