Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day, Lovelies! (a little different giveaway)

Happy Valentine's Day, my friends! 

Want to share a little love with you all today! :D  With a little something different.  I know, this is mostly a YA blog and I could talk for days on the many wonderful love stories in all our favorite YA novels. Some personal faves of course: Lilac & Tarver (Starbound series), Sophie & Archer (Hex Hall series), and new favorite, Amani & Jin (Rebel of the Sands!).  Then there are the classics, of course. Emma & Knightley, Jane and Rochester (though I love their story even more in the modern retelling Jane by April Lindner ;D), Jo & Laurie (yea, we'll just pretend Little Women ended differently).

today I'm going to go for a different side of love in books. It's definitely one of my favorite books about love ever. ♥ Guys, if you're a dog lover, a cat lover, a cuteness lover, just a lover of LOVE, this book is just the most adorable thing.  I'm talking about...
Patrick McDonnell is the writer of the comic strip Mutts, and his illustrations have the most charming retro simple style. I love them.  Wag! is a picture book starring the comic strip characters Earl (the doggie) and Mooch (the kitty) and Mooch tries to help find out what makes Earl's tail wag. Its the cutest thing EVER. 

Go out and find a copy!! I promise it will brighten your day.
Or here...have a little love---> one person, anywhere in the world can have a copy, my treat ;D

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