Monday, March 2, 2015

Anyone else feeling a bit...

...sad about this? 
I know I usually do the book cover makeovers in a group post, but this one I was especially sad about. I actually gasped when I saw the cover to book two, Firewalker--and not in a good way LOL. The original cover design was so gorgeous and fitting.  While I kinda like the cover re-do of book one, I am terribly disappointed in the cover for book 2!  It's one that I'd been anticipating seeing for a while, especially since the cover for the Kiss of Deception sequel came out with a cover that looked like it should have gone with this series instead.  Nope, can't say I like it. :(
Original gorgeousness:
and the makeover:
(kinda cool, I guess.)

 and finally, the cover for book 2:
I have to give it a big MEH.
What's going on with the purple trees?

STILL, Trial by Fire was one of my favorites last year. Loved it. Nothing could keep me away from this sequel---they could have wrapped it in baby-poop-colored construction paper and I would still read it.  But still...


  1. Now that is a disappointing (and kinda ugly) cover! Ugh! I loved the US cover art for the first book too so I'm not really sure what the publisher was thinking here! I wouldn't mind if the UK covers of this series got a makeover, though - the cover of the first book was a bit boy/girl blah. Same with the Starcrossed covers - I much preferred the US covers for that series too.

    p.s: I like the Trial by Fire re-design too - but the cover for Fire Walker gets a thumbs down from me.

  2. I feel your pain Becky, although I'm from the UK, I really liked the US cover, but now I almost feel lucky that the UK doesn't have it, because what on earth have they done. The first doesn't look bad, the sequel, oh my, such a shame. I didn't love the series as much as you, but I will be continuing, with hopefully better covers! :)

  3. I like the new cover for TBF, but what is UP with the sequel? It looks like a mess! Something about the trees, the color's off. That's a shame!

  4. Oh wow I didn't know they changed the cover. That is sad news :( I don't hate the new one but the original was definitely more gorgeous!

  5. Liz @ Planet PrintMarch 2, 2015 at 12:15 PM

    I've not started this series but wow, the cover for book two really is meh! It's just so purple and...the fire look so weird. Such a shame since both covers for book one are pretty nice.

  6. Noooo :( I didn't know these covers had been revealed yet. SOBS. I don't like the new covers either :( and I kind of loved the first one. Sigh. But, like you say, I also LOVED Trial by Fire :D And I am dying to read this sequel. <3 DYING TO READ IT. Cannot wait :D Thank you for sharing about these Becky. <3

  7. NO! Why do they do this to us?! The first was so beautiful! And I had high hopes for the second book :( And the new cover is just in paperback, with book 2 in hardcover, making it impossible for everything to match right away... SO not fair! *tears*

  8. BUT WHYYYYYYY??? I like the new Trial By Fire cover, sure, though there was nothing wrong with the original one, BUT NO TO FIRE WALKER. It's not even pretty. I am with you on my excitement for the book, however. I'll read it no matter what, but I'll be sad about the cover too.