Sunday, June 30, 2013

Super Six Sunday: My six favorite author encounters!!

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One of the most exciting things about being a book blogger and all-round book lover is meeting the wonderful people who give us these amazing stories to read.
In the past three years, I've definitely been lucky in being able to meet some of my very favorites.  Here are my top 6!!

Anna Carey
Such a sweet person to chat with. When I met her I had recently interviewed her on the blog and she remembered the cupcake question.  She signed my book "To Becky, My Sweetie!" :D

 Stephanie Perkins
This girl has so much fun energy!  I saw her and Maureen Johnson together in San Francisco and they both looked like there were have a blast together.

Tahereh Mafi
If you ever have a chance to meet this amazing author, TAKE IT.  She is so inspiring and fun to hear speak.

Jackson Pearce
I got meet Jackson Pearce at ALA. She is one of my favorites, so I was just so greatful to finally catch her on one of her rare visits to the west coast!

Ransom Riggs
Another amazing author to hear speak. SO much great writing advice and lots of funny stories. That's Michelle Gagnon and Tahereh Mafi on either side of him, and the three of them together were hilarious.

Kendare Blake
I met Kendare at ALA last year and her's was my most-wanted book at the conference.  I think she was the first author to tell me she knew my blog so you can image just how much that made my day!!

So that's my list!!  It's always fun to meet great our favorite authors and I hope I can meet many more in the coming years! :) 


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  2. * Sorry I had to delete my earlier comment due to some very embarrasing errors*

    Hi Becky,
    You've met some fab authors! I'd love to meet Tahereh as I'm currently reading Shatter Me and loving it thus far. I think Stephanie Perkins would also be another totally cool person to meet because Anna and The French Kiss sounds like a novel I'd love. Thanks for Sharing :)

    - Sunny A Sunny Spot Blog

  3. What a nice post! I've met Anna Carey and Stephanie Perkins and agree that they were great.

  4. Eep, all these authors are like flipping superstars! I really want to meet Tahereh Mafi. She came to my area, but I had to miss her. ='( I really want to meet both Stephanie Perkins, Maureen Johnson, and Kendare Blake, as they're both so awesome on Twitter, I can only imagine how cool they would be in person! ;)

    Lovely post, Becky! <3

  5. Cool cool cool. I would love to me Kendare.

  6. I loved your list! I haven't gotten the opportunity to meet any authors because I live in Louisiana and hardly any one comes here. When they do decide to come I'm busy (with color guard and that's my life, so I wouldn't miss a practice), but I love hearing about people's stories from meeting authors!

  7. Ahhhh Becky I love all your pictures and .. you've meet some exiting Authors. I agree that is one of the amazing things when being a Book Blogger and something I would not have anticipated.

    I'd love to mee Stephanie Perkins and Kendare Black!

    And at some point I so so want to meeet Wendy Hggins and Anna Bank - two authors I love deeply but never ever saw!

    Thank you so much for joining this bookish fun. I added your link to our linky tool!

  8. I loved meeting Tahereh Mafi too! I'm not a big fan of her books, but I love her as a person. She's hilarious and so, SO nice.

    Other authors I've loved meeting are Ilsa J. Bick, A.S. King, and Karen Healey!

    My top favorite author I've met is John Green. I got to meet him and Hank on their Tour de Nerdfighting last year. It was one of the best nights of my life! I hope I can meet both of them again someday. :)