Thursday, July 5, 2012

Once Blog Tour - An Interview with Anna Carey

Today I'm absolutely honored to host Anna Carey, author of Eve, in honor of the release of her new book Once! Today we're talking Book tours, French Toast, and Dystopian Love!

• What kind of changes are we going to see for Eve's character in Once?

In the first book Eve struggled to reconcile her past with her present situation, and relearn her life. There was so much information she had to process: the fate of the girls at the School, her introduction to Caleb and the other boys in the dugout, her connection to the King. In the second book she’s more rooted in herself. She’s learned so much from her time in the wild and Califia. She’s more concerned with trying to make the most of what she’s been given. Is it possible to be happy inside the City walls? How can she protect the people she loves? What is she willing to risk to be free?

•Tell us a little about your publication story!

I always knew I wanted to be a writer, but I was never entirely sure how’d I’d make that happen. I wrote through high school and college, studying English and Creative Writing. After college I worked in editorial at a publishing house in New York. Those years I met so many authors—people who woke up every morning and did what they loved. That experience ultimately gave me the courage to pursue writing full time. I knew I’d never be satisfied editing someone else’s books—I wanted to write my own.

•What is the hardest part about writing a love story set in a harsh dystopian world?

It’s painful to write about two characters who are so in love, but are forced apart by circumstance. Eve and Caleb are desperate to be together, even if it means risking their lives. Because of the landscape, they are continually in peril. Some of the final scenes in Once were the hardest in the series to write.

•How was your touring experience? How did it feel seeing so many readers excited for your book?

Being on the road was insanely fun. I joined the Dark Days tour this past fall and was later part of the Spring into The Future tour. The YA community is so enthusiastic—it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen. People made tee shirts and baked brownies. Some traveled several hours to get to the events. Meeting so many people who’ve read and loved Eve is the greatest satisfaction. It makes all those hours sitting alone, hunched over a computer, worth it.

•My blog is about the stories, but it's also about the sweeties! Last time you visited Stories & Sweeties, we talked cupcakes :). Do you have a favorite sweet recipe you can share with us? (Can be cookies, cupcakes, candy..anything sweet! :D)

My newest obsession is French Toast made with Challah bread. My best friend Ali is a chef in San Francisco, and she passed along the recipe. I think she might sue me if I post it on the internet…here’s a similar version of the dish:

Anna Carey is the author of EVE, which is now available wherever books are sold. The sequel, ONCE, hit shelves July 3rd, 2012. She grew up on Long Island, the daughter of a special education teacher and an astronomer. Early on she talked of being a painter, district attorney, flutist, physical therapist, or graphic designer, but eventually pursued writing—the one thing that allowed her to be all of the above. She studied Literature and Creative Writing at NYU, and took part in her fair share of snowball fights in Washington Square Park. After college, she worked as an editor in children’s publishing before getting a Masters in Fiction from Brooklyn College. She now lives in Los Angeles, where the apartments are bigger and the weather is sunnier, but she still misses New York. (from author website)

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  1. Now I'm hungry for French Toast! Oh, and her books:-) I'll have to check them out~cheers

  2. Mmm, French Toast!

    I couldn't really get into Eve, but I'm thinking of giving it another go. At the time I think I wasn't really feeling dystopia.