Friday, December 16, 2011

Quick looks at quick books! Ladybird, Ladybird & Intuition

Here's a few mini reviews for some quick reads I've come across lately!

Ladybird, Ladybird by Abra Ebner
published by Crimson Oak Publishing
release date: September 15, 2011

Review: Abra Ebner has given us a sweet story that really touches the heart. Main character, Sam, is a strong but a bit damaged. Her father blames her for taking away his wife, just by being born and he physically and emotionally abuses her. She is cursed with a power that makes her emotions manifest as a searing touch. Sam's biggest secret is that she communicates with her mother in the form of keys that open a magical box where cryptic messages appear. Then one day she connects with a boy who is also a bit of an outcast at school. Mysteriously, he is the only person she's ever met to be immune to her curse. I really enjoyed this story, full of surprises and an unexpected, but satisfying ending. It's a very fast read (a 90 page ebook, hardcover is 172 pages), but it said everything it needed to say. It was a pleasure to follow Sam's journey to find love and peace.

Cover thoughts: LOVE this cover. The ladybug, the trees, the fire---all very significant to the story.


Intuition by J. Meyers
release date: November 3rd, 2011

Review: I left the rating off since this short story is really just a prequel to Intangible, which comes out in January. But with that said, I will tell you that I can't wait to pick up the next part of the story. In this 36 page glimpse, I got a good feel for the two main characters, twins Luke and Sera. I am completely intrigued with their relationship, their powers (she is a healer and he can see the future), the good they use their mysterious powers for, and of course, the daunting vision that Luke has that will no doubt catapult us into the main storyline of Intangible!

Cover thoughts: Love this one, too, because it shows both main characters. I actually kind of wish this had been used for the main story, Intangible!

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