Monday, July 11, 2011

Old Books, New Looks {2}

It's about time for another round of Old Books, New Looks, where we take at look at books that have already been released and their redesigned paperback counterpart! :) Sometimes I like the new better, sometimes I like the old. Here's a few that I've come across lately:


Here's where my votes lie:
~ Torn on The Grimm Legacy, love all the purple in the new one, though.
~ Torn on Elixir, too. I really like them both.
~ Just slightly more drawn to the new cover of Birthmarked.
~ LOVE the new cover of Gimme a Call. Old one was boring, to me.
~ Revolution: NO. The original cover was perfection. Why change it??

How about you? Like the old or the new?


  1. Okay, here's my take:

    -Also torn between the Grim Legacy covers
    -With Elixir, I want the foreground of the second one to be put on the purple background of the first
    -I like the second cover of Gimme a Call,and;
    -I love the first Revolution cover... makes you wonder more.

  2. I like them all though I am torn on The Grim Legacy. Revolution though. Gah they really shouldn't have changed it

  3. I think both The Grimm Legacy covers are beautiful, but I absolutely love the new Birthmarked cover - it's very rich looking.

  4. I LOVE the new Birthmarked cover as i wasn;t a fan of the hardback one.

  5. Oooooooooooooooo coool finds! In each case the new cover is better.

  6. I love the new Elixir cover. Wasn't a huge fan of the original. I agree on the cover for Revolution. The original was pretty much perfect!

  7. It's funny but I pretty much agree with everything you said here. I really do love the cover for Gimme A Call!

  8. The new cover of Elixir is so much better than the first one. I'm loving it. :)

  9. The original cover of Revolution is one of my favorite covers EVER. Especially in real life, it's just beautiful.

  10. I agree with everything you said... :)

  11. The Grim Legacy... hmmm... I would have to choose the new cover. I like the colors =)

    The Elixir... I like the old one better. It's more unique, IMO.

    Birth Marked... I like the old one better.

    Gimme A Call has a perfect new cover! I love it.

    Lastly, I like the old cover for Revolution. It's so much more interesting.

  12. I love comparing covers! Ok, let's see...

    Grim Legacy: I'm with you, I like both, but I do like the brighter purple of the new cover.

    Elixir: I like both!

    Birth Marked: I like both, but the new cover makes it look like it could be an adult title.

    Gimme A Call: Totally agree with you! New cover all the way.

    Revolution: Ugh, agreed. The old cover was so nice and the new cover just looks awful. It also makes it a much harder sell to adult readers. And why is she caressing her face with the key? That just looks weird.

  13. I'm all for the new covers except for Revolution. The old HC was perfect!!!