Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cool trailer contest from Kersten Hamilton!

Ok, guys, this is awesome. I came across this at Tyger, Tyger author, Kersten Hamilton's website while looking for news about the second book.

I'm sure we all know how threatened our libraries are with all the budget cuts going on. I've seen jobs lost, materials and programming budgets cut severely, and even seen libraries forced to close for months at time. Every little bit helps, and Kersten came up with a fantastic idea to give back. She is holding a trailer contest for Book 2, In the Forest of the Night. The first prize winner will win a very generous $1000 to be donated to the library of their choice, plus two second place prizes of $500 each donated to a library of choice. Wow..that is so cool. My love for this author just quadrupled. For all of you amazing trailer creators out there, go for it!

Find out more details at Kersten's site.
Check it out:


  1. So cool! Thanks for sharing. I hope some of our teen advisory board members will participate!

  2. Brilliant. She is such an amazing gal and writer too.

  3. WOW that's is a fabulous thing to do! Good for her!

  4. That's really great. Here in Holland we don't have that. I mean the libraries are still open and lots of people go to them. It's very different than in the US. :)