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The Graces by Laure Eve {blog tour excerpt & giveaway}

Today I'm super excited to be taking part in the tour for
The Graces
by Laure Eve

I haven't yet read this one but I can tell you I'm excited! Three mysterious sisters who've bewitched an entire town and the new girl at school who will do anything to be a part of them. I love a good witchy story so I'm in!  Today I'm giving you all a sneek peek inside the book, and don't forget to enter the tour-wide giveaway of THREE finished copies and some cool tattoo swag!

by Laure Eve
♦publisher: Amulet Books
♦release date: September 6th, 2016
♦hardcover, 352 pages
♦intended audience: Young adult
♦series: The Graces, book 1
When a glamorous family of teenage witches brings a mysterious new girl into their fold, they unwittingly nurture a powerful black magic that could destroy them all. This paranormal YA fantasy features intrigue, spells, and a devastating twist. In The Graces, the first rule of witchcraft states that if you want something badly enough, you can get it . . . no matter who has to pay.

Everyone loves the Graces. Fenrin, Thalia, and Summer Grace are captivating, wealthy, and glamorous. They’ve managed to cast a spell over not just their high school but also their entire town—and they’re rumored to have powerful connections all over the world. If you’re not in love with one of them, you want to be them. Especially River: the loner, new girl at school. She’s different from her peers, who both revere and fear the Grace family. She wants to be a Grace more than anything. But what the Graces don’t know is that River’s presence in town is no accident.

This fabulously addictive fantasy combines sophisticated and haunting prose with a gut-punching twist that readers will be dying to discuss. Perfect for fans of We Were Liars as well as nostalgic classics like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the 1996 movie The Craft, The Graces marks the beginning of a new wave of teen witches.

The next Friday, the library’s double doors swung violently open, slamming back against the walls. Marcus, sitting two desks away from me, jumped. Summer strode in, looking around with undisguised disgust. She paused just inside, as if striking a pose. If anyone else had done that, I’d have choked on my own disdain. But Summer looked like she would forever not give two shits what you thought because what you thought wasn’t worth giving two shits over. And it just worked. 

She slowly folded her arms over her chest, scanning the room. Her long black hair had been wound into a coil at the nape of her neck and her lace-up knee boots creaked very slightly in the silence as she shifted her weight. All this I saw in the instant before her eyes fell on me, and one brow rose. 

She walked over to my desk. 

“Hey, new girl.” 

“Hi,” I said, startled. 

“You’ve been here a couple of months, right?” 


“It’s March. How come you transferred in the middle of the school year?” 

The official reason was that we had to move because of my mother’s new job. 

The unofficial reason would die with me. 

She rolled her eyes at my silence, put her back to me, and turned her head so it was silhouetted above her shoulder. I tried to commit the movement to memory. 

“Are you coming?” she said. 


“One-time-only invitation.” 

One time only. 

This was it. 

Don’t screw it up, whispered the voice in my head. 

I didn’t intend to. I shoved my empty Tupperware box into my bag, the fork rattling around inside, as well as the dog-eared paperback I’d been reading. Summer had already moved to the doors, not even looking back to see if I was following. I had better keep up. 

She strode through the corridors ahead. Most people were in the cafeteria, but the few milling about watched her surreptitiously as she passed them. I walked a couple of paces behind— not enough to crowd her, but enough to signal to others that I was allowed to be there. 

We reached the locker corridor, and as we passed Jase Worthington, he said, “Stupid goth bitch.” 

Summer stopped. 

His friend Tom, whom I had briefly fancied when I first got here, hissed, “Dude, don’t.” 

They were both popular surfer types, Tom much shorter than the rest of them and constantly irritated by it. That meant they naturally fit in with Fenrin, who was in the same year as them, and I had thought they were all friends. A friend of Fenrin’s would never dare to start on any of his family like that. 

Especially not Summer. “Oh, Jase-ington,” she said, with a fluttery sigh in her voice. “I simply don’t have time for you today.” 

I began breathing again. Summer started to walk off. 

“Ooh, what are you going to do?” Jase jeered. “Put a spell on me?” 

She threw him an impatient look over her shoulder. “Of course.” 


*      *      *      *       *       *    


A French-British hybrid who grew up in Cornwall, a place saturated with myth and fantasy. Being a child of two cultures taught her everything she needed to know about trying to fit in at the same time as trying to stand out. 

She speaks English and French, and can hold a vague conversation, usually about food, in Greek.

A random selection of favourite things: Terry Pratchett quotes, characters with questionable morals, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Häagen-Dazs cookie dough ice cream, anything Trent Reznor is remotely involved in even if it only extends to 'he once touched this artist's arm', bad 90s dance music and anything a bit weird (see: Davids Lynch and Cronenberg).

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