Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Save Me by Jenny Elliott {guest review}

Save Me
by Jenny Elliott
♦publisher: Swoon Reads
♦release date: January 6, 2015
♦paperback, 309 pages
♦intended audience: Young adult
♦source: from publisher for honest review
♦review by: Amy
Something strange is going on in the tiny coastal town of Liberty, Oregon. Cara has never seen a whale swim close enough for her to touch it—let alone knock her into the freezing water. Fortunately, cute newcomer David is there to save her, and the rescue leads to a bond deeper than Cara ever imagined.

But then she learns something about David that changes everything, and Cara is devastated. She turns to her best friend for support, but Rachel has changed. She’s suddenly into witchcraft, and is becoming dangerously obsessed with her new boyfriend….

Cara has lost her best friend, discovered that her soul mate is off limits, and has attracted the attention of a stalker. But she’s not completely alone. Her mysterious, gorgeous new friend Garren is there to support her. But is Garren possibly too perfect?

Review: Fall in love with the beauty of the sea, forbidden love, and paranormal mystery. Cara’s life is surrounded by that of which she loves the most, the gray whales, off the Oregon coast. For Cara, on one fateful day, her life takes a drastic turn, when separate accidents bestow two guys into her life.

Cara usually spends her days whale watching and working for Liberty Charters, but the day David arrives for a tour, her life is never the same again. Cara can’t believe her luck, having a cute guy on board, and even more amazing, she is finally able to touch a gray whale when it swims port side. Then, before she knows, Cara is overboard swimming for her life. By chance, David is there to save her, instantly forming a connection between the two of them, as if they are meant to be.  With her thoughts spinning over the day, Cara never expected to back out of the parking lot and hit a stranger named Garren, throwing yet, another beautiful guy into her life.

Cara never expected, to see both the guys, on the first day of school, spiraling her world out of control. Now, brimming with the choice between two affections, one guy, both mysterious and beautiful; and the other, gorgeous and even providential, yet completely off limits.
Needing her best friend now more than ever before, Cara turns to Rachel for help, only to discover she has developed an overnight infatuation with another boy. With nowhere else to turn, Cara opens her heart and her friendship to Garren, who always seems to be there at the right time, with all the right answers.

Quickly, Cara’s world turns for the worse, as Rachel becomes withdrawn from their friendship. Solace can’t be found anywhere and all Cara can think about is having David’s arms around her. However, discovering the truth behind the turn of events threatens Cara’s life, throwing her life into a deadly mix of witchcraft, curses, forbidden love, and danger. Garren might be the only one who can save her, but is it their love that is meant to be, or the love she that felt with David?

With a paranormal twist on fate and love, Jenny Elliott captures the heart ache of a love that is found too soon, along with the dangers of dabbling in curses and witchcraft. Save Me, takes readers into a fast paced, thrilling ride on land, as well as on the water.

While the book captivated me at first, the quick turn to demonic entities, possession and witchcraft, took the story on many twists and turns, ultimately leaving me wishing for Cara to be able to stand for herself. Jealousy and revenge, find a way to rear their ugly head, as the theme quickly changes to sabotage and possession, taking the faced paced storyline, down a dark and slippery slope.
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  1. I'm still waiting for my copy of Save Me, but I'm starting to worry that the issues with both guys and all the paranormal stuff will make my mind turn in circles. It almost seems like too much for one book, but I'm still willing to give it a chance. :)

  2. Nice review! I love the cover, that is the first thing that attracted my attention. Blurb sounds also intriguing. But after reading your review I am not so sure if this is something I would enjoy :/ Thanks for sharing your thoughts!