Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top Ten Tuesdays: TV Show Favorites!

I don't know why I don't participate in this meme more often...I love making lists :D Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  To find out more and check out future topics, click on over there!!

This weeks topic is TV shows or Movies. I love way too many movies, but strangely I don't really get into too many TV shows. Here, though, are a few that I've really loved.  Seems like the shows I love don't always make it past two seasons LOL, not sure what that says about my taste xD. Quirky, I guess? 

The Twilight Zone
 I grew up watching Twilight Zone rerun marathons with my Mom, pretty much everytime we caught one on TV. I suppose it's part of what gave me love for the eerie and paranormal!

Dead Like Me
This show was so fun, about a girl who gets killed by a toilet seats that falls back to earth from an exploded space shuttle. She gets tapped to be a grim reaper and must learn the ropes of taking souls. Great, great hilarious dialogue. 

The Catherine Tate Show
This a british skit comedy which I started watching just to see what else "Donna" from Doctor Who could do! I thought it was kind of stupid at first, but it quickly grew on me and it's now probably one of the most quoted shows in my house. :D

Gilmore Girls
LOVE me some Gilmore Girls. We have the collector's edition full series...my daughter and I do a rewatch every year. I'm thinking it's almost that time again...

Pretty Little Liars
 I turned up my nose at this one at first, but my daughter got me watching it eventually and now I'm hooked.  Oh, those outits---sometimes really cute, sometimes completely ridiculous! But always fun to watch.

Aw, Monk. OCD detective in San Francisco. Hubby and I loved this one, but I think watching it only made us more germaphobic right along with Monk. :)

 Like I said...quirky. And director Brian Grazer does quirky so well. Dead Like Me is also one of his. This one was about a girl who starts hearing voices from stuffed animals and statues, basically anything inanimate with a mouth would talk to her. 

Pushing Daisies
 Another Brian Grazer.  Loved this show so much. The style of it is so cool, kind of retro and fun. And a bit dark, since Ned ( Lee Pace) can bring people back the dead with a touch, so of course he uses it to solve crimes for the reward money LOL.

Downton Abbey
 Gorgeous and soapy...and the costumes!! I swoon for vintage frocks.

 Doctor Who
 I admit it. Freely and proudly. I'm a Whovian. I adore this show...little nervous about the new Doctor but I'm sure it will be ok (please, be ok). David Tennant will always be my Doctor (and this scene above will always be one of my favorite heartbreaking moments of the show).  He was the hands-down best Doctor, but Matt Smith had most of the best stories (Vincent and the Doctor---favorite episode ever. Makes me cry every time).

 I've seen all different version of Sherlock Holmes, but with this show, BBC nailed it. It's so amazing. Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch are absolutely perfect in these roles. It's freaking torture that there are only a few episodes per series and looooong lengths of time between each one.

So there it is! My TV life!  Pretty much the only other things I watch on TV are HGTV (House Hunters International is my fave) and The Graham Norton Show on BBC (most hilarious talk show ever!). Oh and the occasionally competition show (Face Off, The Voice)  What's your TV life like?


  1. Good old Monk, haha. I love that show :) The BBC Sherlock is amazing (but I also like Robert's portrayal of Sherlock) There aren't enough episodes in a season! I binge-watched the three seasons this year (yep, late on the train) and I loved it. I have started Doctor Who for the first time, because I feel I'm ridiculously behind. I'm starting in 2005 :)


  2. Pushing Daisies! I love Pushing Daisies! I'll have to look into the other shows that he did, because I really do like that one!

    My TTT

  3. The only show on your list that I found myself a fan of is PLL. I've watched Monk, Gilmore Girls, and The Twilight Zone, but I've never been a huge fan of them. I have wanted to watch Doctor Who and Sherlock, but I haven't yet.

  4. Audrey @ The Book AnalystJuly 15, 2014 at 2:50 PM

    I loved Pushing Daises! So much fun! I really need to watch Gilmore Girls, I feel like I'm definitely missing out :)

  5. Love Twilight Zone! Just finished a biography on Rod Serling this week!

  6. I loved Dead Like Me and was so bummed when they pulled it after 2 seasons. I've just started getting into The Gilmore Girls, but I quite like it and understand why all my friends like it so much. Great list!