Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Shelf Goodies & The Weekly Nutshell {71}

For New Shelf Goodies, I'll be showing you what lovely books I acquired this week, whether from publishers, or the library, or from whatever half-crazed book-buying binge I happened to go on. :D (Inspired by Tynga's Stacking the Shelves) The Weekly Nutshell will be just week here at Stories & Sweeties, in a nutshell. (inspired by Ginger @ GReads and her recaps at the end of the TGIF posts)

I haven't done one of these for a while so I'm just going to show you what I got in the past few weeks. I did get some others with these but I only photographed what weren't duplicates.

Macmillian gets a zillion points for presentation. This packaging was gorgeous with fancy die-cut box and a sword bookmark. 
Reading now and enjoying! I'm on the blog tour for this one in a few weeks.
This looks heartbreaking.  I'll try it when I need a good cry.  
Haven't tried this series! Heard it's good though!

I haven't read this author since her Paranormalcy series--did love that, though!
This looks fun, along the lines of the Hex Hall series so I'm excited!
 This sounds amazing, but the cover freaks me out. lol
I'll need to track down the first book to this series, but it looks interesting.

Many thanks to Random House, Harper Collins, St. Martin's Griffin and Bloomsbury!

The Weekly Nutshell:

Have a fantastic week everyone!


  1. The Winner's Curse sounds very good, I've been wanting to read that! I thought that Into the Still Blue was a little disappointing though, considering how good the other books in the trilogy are. Enjoy your books!

  2. Great shelves.

  3. The Winner's Curse sounds really good. I like the packaging. You are very lucky to get it. Come visit me as well.

    Books of Love

  4. I got The Winner's Curse too and agree the presentation was outstanding. I am eager to read Perfect Lies because I enjoyed Mind Games. Come see what I got at Ms. Martin Teaches Media and Inside of a Dog. Happy reading!

  5. I enjoyed reading Mind Games so I'm looking forward to the release of Perfect Lies.

  6. The Winner's Curse looks amazing! I love the packaging it came in, too. Into The Still Blue is a great conclusion, and I've heard that Maybe One Day is awesome, too. I hope you enjoy all of your books :)

  7. DYING. I want that special edition of The Winner's Curse so so so so much. <3 So perfect looking. And the book was so so good. (Read eARC. <3) Hope you enjoy everything sweetie :D Happy reading :)

  8. You are so lucky! Great great haul. I absolutely loved Into The Still Blue and I have been dying to get my hands on a copy of Perfect Lies. Happy reading.
    Check out My STS

    Xoxo. Daisel @ Owl Always Be Reading

  9. That is a great batch of books! I absolutely loved Into the Still Blue. Enjoy!

  10. You are so lucky! I would love to read the winners curse and the cover for storm bringer is gorgeous!

  11. Looking forward to seeing what you think of Perfect Lies, as I liked her Paranormalcy series! Happy reading!

  12. So exited for the glass casket and winner's curse . Happy reading