Friday, September 28, 2012

Late to the party but...Bloggiesta Time!! :D

Hola, amigos!! I'm sure alot of you know, Bloggiesta weekend is in full swing!  And I'm fashionably late (like blog-life, like real-life, I guess!)  But after reading several posts from my fellow bloggers that are participating and seeing all of their ambitious to-do lists, I couldn't resist jumping in on the fun!  This is my first time participating and I'm hoping to get a lot done!

Bloggiesta 2012 is hosted by It's All About Books and There's a Book and runs from Friday September 28th to Sunday the 30th.  Visit these two fabulous blogs to get all the details!  Basically it's a weekend-long event full of twitter parties, mini challenges, prizes, and lots of busy, busy, busy getting our to-do lists done with things we've been meaning to catch up on and update on our blogs. 

I have tons of things I want to get done and a couple of the mini-challenges I definitely want to take part it.  Here's my overly-hopeful, starry-eyed, naive first-timer's list:

• Write reviews for Unspoken, Awry, and Struck
• Update reviews on Goodreads and Amazon
• Add rating tag to my reviews so they are searchable by rating
• Find out more about using Pinterest for reviews
Update author list on sidebar
Mini-Challenge: Grade Yourself!
• Schedule future meme posts
Set reminders for upcoming local author events on my phone's calendar
• Plan for a few "sweeties" posts, which I have been sorely lacking on lately!
• Organize TBR shelves and get a box of books ready for library donation
• Plan a few giveaways
Visit at least 20 bloggiesta posts and cheer my fellow bloggers on!
Mini-Challenge: Pocket App
• Back-up blog  Mini-Challenge: Step out of your comfort zone

So there's my goal list!! I'm hoping to accomplish most of it and learn alot along the way!
Wish me luck!

*Update- end of Saturday*  Only two goals completed today! We ended up being out of the house almost all day today, which I wasn't planning on, so there it is. :( But I did complete what I thought was the most important task, and that was to back up my blog (which I had never done before--for shame!)  I also read up on using Pinterest for reviews and I'll be putting that knowledge into action soon!
*Update Mid-Sunday* Finished a few more tasks! I'm seeing now how overly ambitious my list was, but I'm a newbie so now I know better for next time lol.  I'm hoping to get a few more things done before tonight, but we'll see. I did the Grade Yourself challenge---lots to learn there! I'm pretty happy, I had an overall score of 81, with lots of great tips on how to bump that up in the future.


  1. Best of luck with your goals!! :) I don't know how much time I'll have to complete mine but I'll do my best :)

  2. Very nice list! There are some time consuming things, but I hope you can achieve everything. But most of all, have fun :D

    My bloggiesta.

  3. Cool! I thought about not doing it as this is a very busy author weekend in SoCal, but I stayed up late and got some work done :) Good luck and have fun! My Bloggiesta

  4. This is my first time participating also and doing the Pinterest part wasn't as confusing as I thought it was going to be. Good luck on your goals and thanks for visiting! I am now following you :-)

  5. Best of luck with your list! I love the Pocket app. I think I've saved enough to keep me busy for a while. I can't help but stare at your rating system over here on your left sidebar. So adorable! Your whole layout is adorable, really. Have a great weekend!

  6. Hope you're getting lots done! I started using Pinterest for my reviews after last bloggiesta - it's really easy to do!

    ~Kristin @ Always With a Book

  7. Oooh, cupcakes! I'm distracted even before getting to your post...

    So glad you decided to join in! Even if you don't get your list done, keep it handy! Mine is always a work in progress. There's just no way I can do everything I want (especially since I tend to add to my list) in one weekend. Well, unless I holed myself away. Which just isn't going to happen any time soon. Hope you enjoyed the event!