Friday, April 15, 2011

Old Books, New Looks

Ok, so not old books. Already released books, that's a little better, but doesn't make as catchy of a blog post title :D It seems to be an ongoing trend in bookworld these days to come up with a whole new cover concept for an updated or paperback release. Sometimes I like the new one better, sometimes I am peeved that they changed the look because usually, they match the sequel in a series to the madeover cover, so if I bought the hardcover, now my books won't be all matchy and pretty on my shelves. Ah well, c'est la vie. So here are a few that I've come across lately.

<~ From this

To this ~>

<~ and this

to this ~>

and last but certainly not least,

<~ this

to this ~>

Here's what I think: LOVE the new Eternal Ones, LOVE the new Natalie Hargrove (the original was a bit too cheesy for my liking), and I am torn between the two Between Shades of Grey covers, both are very pretty, but something about the single sprout coming up in the snow on the original cover gives the book a more dramatic, somber feel.
So what do you think? Fan of the new or the original covers?


  1. I really like the old Between Shades of Gray cover. I don't think I like the new one as much, but it's not bad.

    I think the new cover for The Betrayal is much better. The new one is so pretty.

    I like both covers of The Eternal Ones. The new one is a nice change I guess.

    I like this feature. :)

    Jennifer of Little Shelf

  2. I love the new cover for The Eternal Ones! I loved that book but the old cover did it no favours, in my opinion!

  3. Cool. In each case I like the new one best.

  4. I like the new covers better than the originals...

  5. I love the new cover for the Betrayal! The old one was just cheesy! I'm not so sure about the Eternal Ones, though. I don't really like either of the covers.
    As for Shades of Grey, they are both nice, but in different ways. I do like the fact that they've kept the barbed wire in the new one too! (I haven't read the book, but I assume it is relevant to the story!)

  6. I like the last one the best! So pretty :P

  7. I like the first cover of Between Shades of Gray more because of the colors. I also like the first cover of The Eternal One more since I like the simplicity of it. and I like the the new cover of Betrayal more. I guess it's because of that gorgeous dress but it was a hard pick between the two.

  8. I'm the same as you! I'm torn between the covers for Between Shades of Gray. Both are beautiful. As for the others, I like the new covers best.

  9. Shades of Gray-New
    Eternal Ones-Old

  10. The only one which l think is a big improvement is Betrayal, which is SUCH a nicer cover.
    Love this post =)