Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Review: Its A Book!

It's A Book by Lane Smith

publisher: Macmillan

release date: August 3rd, 2010

harcover, 32 pages, full color illustrations

intended audience: All ages! (I would say about 7 and up. )

source: sent from publisher for review

Description from Goodreads:
Playful and lighthearted with a subversive twist that is signature Lane Smith, IT’S A BOOK is a delightful manifesto on behalf of print in the digital age. This satisfying, perfectly executed picture book has something to say to readers of all stripes and all ages.

Review: Now, I don't usually review children's picture books here at Stories & Sweeties, but when Macmillan emailed me for this one, I just couldn't resist. I've never read anything by the ever-so-witty Lane Smith, but I can promise you, I'll be seeking his work out from now on! Since receiving it, I've showed to every person who I've come across (well, except my own 5 year old! Reason to follow...) and every single person has had a good laugh at the end. It's such a great humorous piece for this day and age, when I often hear people wondering about the future of books with all the e-readers and i-pads surfacing in the hands of well, ...everyone! I have to admit, that even I want one, but I have NO intention, absolutely none, of giving up my printed books. I love the feel, I love the smell (well, except for some library books, of course..yick), I love the sound the pages make when you flip through them, and I love all the pretty covers. This book says it all for us die-hard book lovers.

Poor Gorilla is just trying to read his book in peace. Tech-savvy donkey comes along with his laptop and a barrage of curious questions about what a book can do...can you tweet, text, and blog with it. The illustration are absolutely adorable. My favorite part is when donkey asks where the mouse is (meaning a computer mouse) and a little mouse pops out from under Gorilla's hat. And of course, the ending. Ah, the awesome last line. The most hilarious part of the book, and the reason this book is probably best reserved for kids and adults a little order than my little guy. I'll have to wait to read this one to him until I'm absolutely sure he's old enough to understands that he can't repeat the last line to, say, his friends at school or his kindergarten teacher!! I can just picture it now:
Unsuspecting kindergarten teacher: "Hey, Dex, what have you got there?"
My clever son, Dex, who repeats everything at the most inopportune times: "It's a book, jackass. "

All in all, a brilliant book! Definitely one to share!





  1. Sounds like a cute read! Totally agree that there's nothing like an actual physical book in your hands :) And some books really do smell amazing!

  2. This sounds like a really cute read. I will have to pick up a copy for my nephews.

  3. OMG that looks so cute! I've been digging up all my old books from when I was a little girl lately. This looks like something I would have loved way back when.

  4. Oh, that sounds absolutely wonderful! Wish I had younger ones to read that to! I'm still e-reader free and so far no desire. I just can't get excited over paying money for a file! I even still buy CDs, I'm that old-fashioned.

  5. I really need to get this one for my elementary library! Looks fantastic and thanks for the review!