Sunday, May 16, 2010

Review: Stork

Stork by Wendy Delsol

publisher: Candlewick Press

release date: October 12, 2010

edition: ARC (Book It Forward Tours) , 355 pages

intended audience: Young adult


Description from goodreads:
After her parents' divorce, Katla and her mother move from Los Angeles to Norse Falls, Minnesota, where Kat immediately alienates two boys at her high school and, improbably, discovers a kinship with a mysterious group of elderly women--the Icelandic Stork Society - who "deliver souls."

Review: This book had me the second the main character, Kat, got excited about a fabric store sale. She's new to the town of Norse Falls, Minnesota, a California girl trying to acclimate to small town life (Gasp! No Starbucks! I was with her on that one!) trying to fit in, while still sticking to her guns and her strong fashion-designing aspirations, which in turn makes her stick out like a sore thumb among her classmates. She has a rocky first few weeks, makes a few bad choices. I really enjoyed Kat as a whole---she was quick-witted and quirky, her inner narrative was so funny at times, and you got to see her grow as a person, recognizing her mistakes and setting them right as the story flows along. She was very real.

Opposite her was Jack. Jack is the all-around well-liked, hometown football playing, good guy. What set him apart from this type of character stereotype was his passion, and this is also where the head-butting with Kat comes in. He was passionate about preserving the town and she has other ideas, and it definitely gets their friendship off to a less than perfect start.

From the very beginning we jump right into the meat of the story, where Kat is inducted in to a mysterious secret and ancient society of women called the Storks, who decide what parents each soul will be placed with. This, and few other Norse and fairy tale legends were so artfully woven into Kat's story of family, friends, and secrets...the whole thing was just entirely enjoyable! Lots of interesting surprises!

There was only one thing that I didn't quite get into. The "sign" that called the Stork Society together was so odd (not to mention, slightly stomach-turning!) and I wasn't quite sure what it had to do with the society itself beyond being something that each member experienced to let them know it was time to meet. Maybe I missed the explanation or it is part of the original legends, but I couldn't help thinking their "call" could have been something a bit less..well, gross! Every time it was described it would set my stomach rolling a little!

BUT, that in no way stopped me from absolutely loving this book. Applause for Wendy Delsol on an awesome debut!!

Favorite quote:
One of Jack's eyebrows raised in a don't-overdo-the-drama arch.

Somebody, clearly, never had a Broadway Barbie.

It was that kind of quirky thoughts of Kat's that had me giggling throughout this book!


  1. this sounds really good. thanks for the review! :)

  2. This title is news to me. Thanks for the awesome review. I will definitely be adding this to my TBR.

  3. This book looks really interesting! Thanks for the great review :)

  4. Sounds really nice. loved reading your review!

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  6. Good review! I've been wondering if this was any good. Glad to hear you liked it. :]

  7. Sounds good...and now I'm totally intrigued into finding out what the yucky sign was!

  8. I loved Stork! I received it as an ARC also to review for swaptree... and it was very funny! I can't wait for the sequel Frost due out next year!