Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And away we go!

Well hello there! I'm new to the book blogging world, but not so new to blogging itself. I'm an avid reader (that may be an understatement!) and for the past year I've been reading YA fiction almost exclusively. I'm a total library addict, have been since I was little, so I guess it's fitting that I'm also a library employee! I love making recommendations of the good books I've read to our library visitors and even people I run into in bookstores, so this seemed like a good way to spread alittle of that joy! Here I'll be reviewing YA books and middle grade books, as well as the odd adult and children's books that I feel cross over well. I'm hoping to offer contests and other features if I get a few readers and followers here, so check in often!

As for the cupcakes...another of my passions! There's nothing better to munch while curled up on the couch reading! I'll be throwing in the occasional post about these yummy delights---recipes and recommended cupcake books just for fun! If anyone out there needs a cupcake or other baking book reviewed, I'd be more than happy to feature it as well---I'll gladly try out a recipe and, if permissable, post a sample recipe here! I mean, really...who doesn't love a good cupcake??

Please bear with me...this is my first post and I'm still playing abit with the look and setup here! I hope you decide to visit often, the fun is just beginning!!


  1. You're "about me" page is so sweet! Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself to us.
    Love, Hannah